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We are a K-8 dual-language charter school that teaches Spanish and English academic proficiency through language immersion. Proficiency in a second language increases academic performance and opens the doors to greater opportunities.



2023-2024 School Year

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See what our SABE Families have to say.

“We have been so lucky to be a part of this amazing school and program. The faculty and staff are exceedingly supportive of all students, making them feel welcome and valued as a member of the school family. Our kindergartner has grown not only academically but also socially as the year progressed. We are excited for 1st grade!”

– Tamara Wilburn, Parent

“Por la atención, entrega y pasión de todo el staff de la escuela, son muy trabajadores y siempre dando lo mejor para que los niños estén en un ambiente seguro y aprendan de manera divertida y con amor.”

– Parent

“I like SABE because my teachers are nice and I have so much fun with my friends.”

– Mateo Pereira, 2nd Grader

“I love the diversity and the friendly kids at SABE. My children are making so many friends there and they are so happy!”

– Parent

“I appreciate the love and attention that all of the educators give to each student. All of the teachers know each student on a personal level. The curriculum is great and the teachers are always available for support. I love the small class size which enables one on one support. We are so pleased with SABE, it is like getting a private education for no cost!”

– Lydia Leatham-Uribe, Parent

“I have nothing but great things to say about this school. My daughter considers this place her second home and is learning so much. Best decision we ever made was to transfer her here. Even though we commute from NW side of albuquerque it has been well worth it.”

– Parent

“The teachers, staff and parents are some of the most dedicated hardworking individuals who truly care about their children’s education and it shows. I’m honored to say my son goes here. If you need a school for your kiddo I highly recommend them.”

– Christopher McHale, Parent

Bilingual brains have an improved Executive Function, the system that directs the attention processes that we use for planning, solving problems, and performing various other mentally demanding tasks. 

Bilinguals are better able to focus their attention and are less easily distracted.

A multilingual brain is quicker, nimbler and more resistant to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. 

Students in dual language programs consistently outperform monolingual peers on state-mandated tests, regardless of demographic.

Bilingual students have a deeper understanding of grammar and sentence structure making them more aware of language overall. As a result, bilingual speakers are more effective communicators, editors, readers and writers. 

Bilinguals develop “outside-the-box” thinking which boost problem solving and innovation.

Second language learners develop a natural curiosity about world cultures and they are more culturally aware of what is going on around them. 

Bilinguals have opportunities to create meaningful relationships with new friends and even family members with whom they may not otherwise be able to interact with. These language skills help boost confidence and improve social skills overall.

Being bilingual increases opportunities to travel and live abroad as well as increased employability and higher earnings. 

SABE by the Numbers

Sandoval Academy is the only state authorized Kindergarten-8th grade charter school in the city of Rio Rancho. As a school of choice, we offer families the opportunity to choose our school for its exceptional program and mission to support biliteracy in English and Spanish for all our students.


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