Governing Board

Public Comment Process-In Person Meetings and Virtual Meetings

In Person Meetings:

Members of the public who wish to speak at the Governing Board live meeting at the school, must email your request to speak with your name up to twenty four hours prior to the meeting to TPublic comments will be limited to 3 minutes or determined based on the number of speakers. The Governance Board President will set the time limit. Persons from the same group and having similar viewpoints are asked to select a spokesperson to speak on their behalf. Multiple and repetitious presentations of the same view will be discouraged and may be ruled out of order.

Virtual Meetings: 

If the meeting is held virtually, public comment will be allowed during the meeting via Zoom which is listed below. To speak during public comment, please email your request to speak with your name up to twenty four hours prior to the meeting to Speakers will be unmuted in order to address the Governance Board. Public comments will be limited to 3 minutes based on the number of speakers. The public may also email comments to Mrs. Diane Vaughn at which she will send to the Governance Board President. Email comments will be kept with the records of the meeting.

To join our open monthly governing board meetings, please refer to the dates and times listed on this page to the right and join us at the school at 4321 Fulcrum Way NE, Suite A, Rio Rancho, NM 87144 or via Zoom at the following link:

Meeting ID: 869 1113 9742 Passcode: kZH7KC

NM Vistas, developed by the Public Education Department, is a public data reporting website that showcases school performance based on state accountability and other required criteria from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), as mandated by the U.S. Department of Education. The site aims to assist families and community members in identifying schools that are excelling or schools in need of additional support. These school identifications are based on a set of multiple measures informed by stakeholders representing New Mexico’s communities.

What is the Governing Board?

As per Section 22-5-4, NMSA 1978, governance council members are responsible for:

  • Developing educational policies
  • Employing a local superintendent/head of school
  • Reviewing and approving the school budget
  • Acquiring, leasing and disposing of property
  • Contract for the expenditure of money according to the Provisions of the NM Procurement Code

Prospective members should send a resume and letter of interest to

SABE Governing Board

Becky Torres


Brennan Divett

Vice President

Lisa Spangler

Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair

Mario X. Martinez


Scott Heller